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Banham, Ingersoll, Chubb, Era, Zone, Cisa, Union, Yale, Adams Wright, Master, Euro/Oval Cylinders, Digital door locks, UPVC door systems.

NEW: We now offer Yale Anti-snap cylinders. Read more about this new defence mechanism

Security & Frame reinforcements:

London bars, Birmingham bars, Lock guards, Anti-thrust plates, Door closers, Concealed or surface mounted panic bars.

Kickstop security products:

A large percentage of burglaries are committed by 'kicking in' the door. The home Office statistics state this is as high as 71%.

When fitting mortice locks, the door has to be chiselled and pieces of wood are removed to fit the lock, this weakens the door and frame and will result in much weakened door security.

Because the fitting of most door locks involves the removal of wood, the weakened door or frame will split around the locks during a forcible entry or a 'kick-in'.

By fitting a London bar or a Birmingham bar security can be enhanced to drastically reduce the likelihood of this occurring.
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